Personal Training
Our Personal Trainers are professionals in the fitness industry for at least 10 years.  Their scope of work is to enhance clients’ fitness journey and enhancing their fitness every step of the way.  This includes fitness assessment, setting goals, educating clients in all aspects of wellness, general health, nutritional guide and recovery fitness inclusive.

Effective PT courses
Engage us for effective and satisfying workout with our comprehensive range of equipment and our elite Personal Trainers.  We provide a wide range of various training methods:

  • Circuit Training – organized stations of movement and activities target for strength and endurance
  • High Intensity – short burst of high intensity and time for recovery
  • Resistance Training – essential for improvement of strength and muscular
  • Speed & Power - focus on specific activities with goal in mind
  • Core – abdomen, back, torso, chest, shoulders, hip
  • Intensity – achieve the intensity gradually to enjoy the experience and achieve maximum results

Tailored PT courses
Train to Recover Courses – for a more focus and tailored program, please feel free to discuss your needs with our Personal Trainers.  The following techniques are available:

  • Gain confidence – in dealing with your own pain and injury
  • Skills management – to prevent injury
  • Minimize and fix – existing injuries with functional tools and techniques
  • Release Tension – improve flexibility and reduce tension