Corporate Clients
We offer Fitness and Wellness programs for Corporate Clients.

For improved physical and mental well-being of your workforce, we will be happy to conduct corporate health talk for the following objectives:

  • Promote work life balance for the workforce
  • Enhance a healthier environment
  • Create team bonding opportunity through fitness
  • Support Corporate initiatives for workforce
  • Improve Group Fitness

You may also engage us for:

  • Fitness talk
  • Fitness Assessment
  • In body analysis
  • Staff Retreat
  • Team building

Small interest Group
We can extend the above fitness and wellness programs to Small Interest Group as well.  Work with us to address some concerns you may have:

  • How to keep fit even when you are not in the gym
  • Opportunity to train with friends and/or colleagues
  • Dedicated training objectives or even techniques
  • Customize workout or courses just for the group

** Please feel free to discuss your requirements with us today.